Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Get $25 Free Dollars at Costco from American Express

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One of the better fall promotions out there is spending $100 at with your synced American Express credit card and getting $25 back as a statement credit. Immediately, I purchased a $100 Costco gift card online and am happy to report that the $25 statement credit appeared in my account today.

Some things to know about this promotion:

  • This is limited to one statement credit per account (meaning one per credit card)
  • You are only able to sync one American Express card to Facebook at a time – to get around that you can either:
    • Create another Facebook account and link another American Express card to the account
    • Use a family members Facebook account who doesn’t have an American Express card and sync your card to their account
    • After you receive the statement credit, unsync your currently synced American Express card and sync another card
  • You must register the offer for each card you have synced to a Facebook account (this means clicking the “Add to card” option in Facebook
  • If done correctly, you can get a $25 statement credit for each American Express card you have – this is like a 25% discount on future Costco purchases
  • Almost all American Express cards are eligible, this includes (to name a few): Starwood American Express, American Express Premier Rewards Gold, Delta American Express, Costco American Express, American Express Platinum, American Express Business Gold Card, Hilton American Express, Macy’s American Express, Bloomingdale’s American Express, etc.
    • The Citi / American Express cards (i.e., American Airlines Amex Citi card) will work as well, however, if you have any problems and the statement credit does not post, Citi will not be able to help you and you might be out of luck
  • Additional cardholders are eligible for the statement credit as well as long as it is a different credit card number (which is not the case with Citi / Amex accounts)

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