Monday, May 28, 2018

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Free Blockbuster Express Codes for Free Movie Rentals in San Antonio – To Oct 20

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Looking to see a free movie this weekend? Why not check out some of these Blockbuster Express codes for free movie rentals, with many through October 20, 2011? Use these at their Express rental kiosks to get a free movie rental.

Free Rental Codes: Most of these are for online use, and may not work at the Blockbuster Express kiosk so rent online and then pick up at the kiosk (click at bottom to find the nearest location)

If you want to use more than one code, you’ll need to order them separately since it only allows you to enter one code per order. You can use each one once per credit/debit card.

8650BW9 – valid thru 10/17free-DVD-rental-code-Blockbuster
75DWTM8 – valid thru 10/17
36MAYB5 – valid thru 10/17
37ABDP5 – valid thru 10/17
37KRFT6 – valid thru 10/17
26SLRH6 – valid thru 10/17
37WHZS4 – valid thru 10/17
73NCCC5 – valid thru 10/17

9850BW2 – valid thru 10/20
87DWTM2 – valid thru 10/20
64MAYB4 – valid thru 10/20
46ABDP6 – valid thru 10/20
46KRFT7 – valid thru 10/20
64WHZS9 – valid thru 10/20
47NCCC3 – valid thru 10/20
47KJRD8 – valid thru 10/20
34BPSP3 – valid thru 10/20
86JRTW3 – valid thru 10/20
42JBHG6 – valid thru 10/20
DAMON – valid on Matt Damon movies thru 10/31 (e.g. Invictus, The Informant!, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Departed, Ocean’s Twelve, and more). Thanks to Free Things to Do in Houston and Free Things to Do in Denver for these movie rental freebies.



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