Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Video Game ‘Portal’ is Free Until Sep 20

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Steam is offering the video game PORTAL for free for PC and Mac until September 20. The critically acclaimed video game Portal is almost 5 years old, but it’s still widely loved. With the release of the sequel Portal 2 in April of 2011, the series is quickly becoming a classic.

The game plays like a single-player puzzle. You play the main character Chell, who is trying to escape a place called Aperture Laboratories. And you get to use the “portal gun,” which creates portals that can be jumped through. The only caveat of the free deal is that if you’re not a member of Steam, you have to sign up and download the software. Membership is free, so that shouldn’t be a deterrent.

Steam is a video game site for PC gamers. Portal usually retails for $10, so grab it for free while you can! Thanks to Free Things to Do in Seattle and Free Things to Do in L.A for this great freebie


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