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Free Music Recording Workshops – Working with Apple Garageband – August 13

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Guitar Center, the world’s largest musical instrument retailer, is providing a new series of free recording workshops aimed at taking the complexity out of home recording. In five accessible “Recording Made Easy” sessions, conducted on an ongoing basis, musicians can take their ideas from basic tracks to finished songs by learning how to use an Apple Computer and GarageBand. free guitar center classes(click at bottom for more info)  This week on August 13,  it is Week 2: Virtual Instruments and Loops, including working with virtual (software) instruments; Working with Apple Loops.

Recording Made Easy” is broken down into five separate classes, with a different class taking place every Saturday at 10am local time at all 221 Guitar Center locations across the U.S. on an ongoing basis. If participants need a refresher, they are welcome to come back and take classes as many times as they like, and each class features a question and answer session with the on-site instructor. The week five class on online music publishing will only be available in months with five weeks.  Thanks to Free Things to Do in Seattle and Free Things to Do in Dallas for this great free find.

Introduction to Computer Recording Class Schedule


  • August 7    Week 1: Signal Flow and Microphone Techniques, including Signal Flow Basics; Recording Basics; Recording Vocals; Recording Electric Guitar
  • August 13  Week 2: Virtual Instruments and Loops, including working with virtual (software) instruments; Working with Apple Loops
  • August 20  Week 3: Effects, including working with compression, eq, reverb and with guitar amp and pedal software
  • Augsut 27  Week 4 : Mixing and Publishing, including preparing a mix; Automation; Mixdown / Publishing
  • September 3 Week 5: Online Music Publishing (in months with 5 weeks only), including how to use TuneCore to get music digital distributed on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify
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